COTA Race Report

21-23 April 2017 - Result 9th/17th

The team arrived at COTA near Austin on the Wednesday 19th ready for move in with the MotoAmerca and the MotoGP teams, it is always interesting time when you work alongside the world teams and see how they travel compared to the Thrashed Bike team yellow van!!

Qualifying got off to a good start with Max running in 16th place after Q1, we made some modifications to the gearing and Max was happier following the change, after Q2 he was gridded 18th overall.

Race one, Saturday 22nd, Max made a good start but was caught on the inside of the tight turn 1 which blocked him slightly, the race stretched out with Max right behind Brice Prince holding on to his tow down the straights whilst attempting to take him through the twisty sections. There were several crashes during the race and when a Kawasaki went down just in front of Max it slowed him down just enough to lose the tow from the faster machines which left Max in clear air to the end of the race where he finished 15th overall and 8th in the super stock class.

Race two, Sunday 23rd, Lessons were learnt from race 1 and Max made sure he was on the outside in turn 1, this time he ran right with Prince and O’Hara using them for the drag up the straights with their higher speed and then attempting to pass through the technical sections, this came down right to the last lap where the position changed 3 times but Max could not hold back the faster machine to the line. Finishing position was 17th overall and 9th in the super stock class.

Thanks to all who turned out to help Max and the Thrashed Bike team, Tim, Mike, Don, Courtney, Alix, Tracy, Mark, Eddie, JP.